Confessions of a Gchat addict

This summer I left the country for two months and came back with an addiction.

To Gchat, obviously.  But you probably figured that out from the title I wrote, thereby spoiling my own intended dramatic opening.

Most instant message clients annoy me, but I could easily just sit on Gchat for an entire day. So I started wondering what, exactly, was so different about Google’s version.

Turns out, nothing, really.

Most instant message clients annoy me because most people annoy me.  It’s not Gchat that I love; it’s my contacts list.

The people I GChat with are the people I had been used to spending almost all my time with, until summer flung us to various countries, states and time zones.  In a rare instance of ever-pervasive technology bringing people together instead of creating a barrier between them, it kept us in touch when we otherwise might have drifted.

And for that, I owe Google a tremendous debt.  So if they want to go ahead and take over the Internet and all of the media, I won’t put up (much of) a fight.